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  • <dd id="ouacs"><strong id="ouacs"></strong></dd>
  • DS-5 v5.17.1 官方開發工具 Linux 64位

    軟件大?。?17 MB 軟件性質: 免費軟件
    更新時間:2014/2/24 9:48:40 應用平臺:Win9X/Win2000/WinXP
    下載次數:7210 下載來源:米爾科技
    軟件語言:英文 軟件類別:ARM軟件工具 > Arm DS-5

    這個版本是ARM官方DS-5 5.17.1 Linux 64位開發工具,請在Linux 64位系統上安裝使用。

    ARM DS-5 Development Studio v.5.17.1 build 5171010 dated 2014/01/23

    DS-5 5.17.1 版本更新記錄如下:

    • ARM Compiler
      • updated to ARM Compiler 5.04 for latest improvements and bug fixes
        • for further information on changes seehttp://infocenter.arm.com/help/topic/com.arm.doc.arn0005n/index.html
        • optional ARM Compiler Qualification Kit for ARM Compiler v5.04 is now available to help obtain certification for products in safety critical applications
      ARM Streamline Performance Analyzer
      • Memory Used chart now filterable by process
      • processes view in Live and Timeline shows per-process %CPU and Memory Used statistics
      • for Cortex-M/ITM captures, exceptions/interrupts are integrated into the scheduler trace heatmap
      • for Cortex-M/ITM captures, additional exception statistics are available via the Exceptions table
      • for Cortex-M/ITM captures, support added for ASCII annotations
      • combined .apc/.apd files into a single container
      • support added for the RT-Preempt Full kernel
      • Kconfig now ships with the gator driver to allow easy integration into the Linux build system
      • Caiman open sourced and the Caiman protocol defined and shipped with DS-5 located in/sw/energy_probe
      • Gator supports filmstrip for Mali-T6xx GPUs - requires Mali-T6xx DDK r4p0
      • Gator, Caiman, and Streamline support IPv6 addresses
      • CCN-504 supported
      DS-5 Debugger
      • added OS awareness for Micrium® μCOS-II® on Cortex-M family devices
      • MQX operating system support is enhanced with visibility of Real-Time TCP/IP Communication Suite (RTCS) state
      • breakpoints in C and assembly code now track changes to source code
      • Trace Control view provides a menu option for dumping trace data to a file
      • new commands trace list/info/dump/report provide access to trace information from the command line
      • Trace Control view shows the relationship between trace source and trace capture devices
      • cdbimporter tool is enhanced to support System Trace Macrocell (STM) as well as AHB and AXI address spaces
      • Eclipse preferences for Configuration Database is enhanced with Test Platforms dialog to allow checking the validity of platforms
      • register set for Cortex-A15 is updated based on the latest technical reference manual (Cortex-A15 r4p0), and now includes Performance Monitor Unit (PMU) registers
      • register set is added for CoreLink CCN-504 Cache Coherent Network
      • standalone version of Debug and Trace Services Layer (DTSL) included in /sw/DTSL
      • standalone version of Remote Device Debug Interface (RDDI) included in/sw/debugger/RDDI
      • device support extended to include:
        • Cortex-M Prototyping System / Cortex-M0: DSTREAM and RealView-ICE support
        • Cortex-M Prototyping System / Cortex-M0+: DSTREAM and RealView-ICE support
        • Cortex-M Prototyping System / Cortex-M1: DSTREAM and RealView-ICE support
        • Cortex-M Prototyping System / Cortex-M3: DSTREAM and RealView-ICE support
        • Cortex-M Prototyping System / Cortex-M4: DSTREAM and RealView-ICE support
        • Versatile_Express_V2P-CA15_A7: Snapshot View
        • CALAO Systems: Snowball - Snapshot View
      • bug fixes and improvements:
        • support for debugging Linux kernel with Large Physical Address Extension (LPAE) turned on: the debugger was unable to read the details of loaded kernel modules, generating Debug Precise Abort errors [SDDEBUG-14760]
        • support for L2C-310 on Cortex-A9 systems: DSTREAM firmware will perform maintenance on L2 cache if L2 cache is enabled, but some cores have disabled MMUs [SDDEBUG-14156]
        • extended DSTREAM DHCP support to fix compatibility issues with some firewalls: some routers require the 'secs' field to be set in BOOTP request [SDDEBUG-15492]
      • new 4.16.0 version of firmware included
      • a flash programming example flash_example-FVP-A9x4 in the Bare-metal_examples.zip shows two ways of programming flash devices using DS-5: using a Keil Flash Method and using a Custom Flash Method written in Jython
      • new examples in CoreSight_Access_Library.zip demonstrate how to configure and access CoreSight hardware from Linux applications, and how to later process that data in DS-5 Debugger
      • new bare-metal boards example: Atmel-ATSAMA5D35-EK_RAM


    • ARM Streamline Performance Analyzer
      • Streamline can now analyse Cortex-M targets using DSTREAM, ITM and DWT with an RTOS such as RTX
      DS-5 Debugger
      • new Linux application rewind feature allows you to seamlessly run and step backwards, use breakpoints and watchpoints (on supported kernels and targets) and examine the state of your application at any point in the past


    • Minimum supported Java version
      • use of Java 6 is deprecated for running ARM's Eclipse plug-ins, and future releases of DS-5 will ship with Java 7 and require this as the minimum supported version
      Simulation models
      • Cortex-A8 simulation model for Emulation Baseboard is deprecated
      Supported host platforms
      • support for Ubuntu Desktop Edition 10.04 LTS is deprecated

    DS-5 5.17.1 重要說明:





    (5)2013年6月20日起,新申請的試用版許可證不能在 DS-5 以前的版本中使用,即 DS-5 v5.14 及以前的版本都不能使用2013年6月20日以后申請的許可證,需下載 DS-5 v5.15 及以上版本方可使用。

    (6)關于 DS-5 的技術問題,歡迎到米爾科技論壇提問:http://www.phatcatt.com/bbs/。

    (7)該下載地址的 DS-5 版本適合安裝在 Windows 32位系統上,下載其他三個版本:

    >> DS-5 5.17.1官方開發工具Windows 64位; 
    >> DS-5 5.17.1官方開發工具Windows 32位; 
    >> DS-5 5.17.1官方開發工具Linux 32位。

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